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Full recovery is simpler than you expect

Consult your physician before starting any nutrition program!

Meet Dr. Dixon

Dr. Peter Vaczi

It is possible to free determined people from diseases considered incurable by modern Western medicine, such as type I and II diabetes, high blood pressure, allergies, autoimmune diseases, Crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis and malignant tumors discovered in time. All of these catastrophic situations, believed to be hopeless, can not only be cured without medical interventions but most importantly: they can certainly be prevented.


Semmelweis Medical University - 1996

Medical Doctor


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An autoimmune process can be seen in the background of almost all chronic internal diseases. The root cause of autoimmune reactions is excessive provocation and overload of the immune system. And this is thanks to the leaky gut syndrome, which can be easily eliminated and prevented.

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