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Peter Vaczi MD

At the age of five, he decided to become a doctor and heal his grandmother. His determination took root so deeply in his subconscious that later on, he subordinated everything to it. He was driven by a burning desire during his elementary school studies, in high school and even when he was not accepted to medical school. Not for the second time...

But he was not carved from the same wood as those who give up their dreams under pressure. He wanted to heal and knew that the moment would come when he would heal. He was a paramedic, carried newspapers and telegrams and prepared hard for his next entrance examination.

He entered the Debrecen University of Medicine for the third time in 1987. However, the ÁVH (State Security Department) at that time ensnared him and because he was not willing to cooperate, he was kicked out of the university.

After the regime-change, he continued his university studies at SOTE (Semmelweis Medical University, Budapest). He was a fourth-year medical student when his first daughter was born, she graduated as a doctor at the same university in 2019. Today Boróka is a physician also, she works in the best ICU in Munich, Germany.


He has inaugurated as a doctor of medicine in 1996 when he was already 29 years old. He wanted to be an alternative obstetrician, but for family reasons, she stayed in Győr, where at that time only an anesthesiologist position could be filled without protection. He fell in love with anesthesia and intensive therapy and has considered its specialists to be an elite group of medicine ever since. Because of his eccentric, innovative habit, he soon became a cuckoo's egg in the feudal system of Hungarian health care, while he had to face the bitter, hopeless failures of Western medicine every day.

After more than four years of slavish work in a public hospital, he decided to direct his life in a more meaningful direction. He began researching non-conventional medical options that work and are independent of the institutionalized, corrupt, based-on-parasolvency, poorly efficient healthcare system.

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He started dealing with vitamins and nutritional supplements, and during his research he reached the best products in the world. The effects of these high-quality functional foods are impressive, but they do not solve the underlying problem. Something was missing. The master key to curing chronic, civilizational diseases. In connection with the study of potable oxygen, he discovered new possibilities in the field of detoxification and increasing physical performance, but this did not give him the master key either. The technology of increasing microcirculation also impressed him with its efficiency and results, but the master key to curing chronic diseases was still missing.

In the course of his research and experience, suspicion inevitably focused on the fundamentally determining role of nutrition. "You are what you eat" and "Death resides in the intestines" were banal truths for him for a long time, like for any of us. These otherwise elemental truths were taken to be commonplace by him also like by other ordinary doctors and folks.  

After the birth of his brilliant baby boy and his wonderful second daughter, he stopped exercising regularly to devote all his free time to his family. He got fat, got horribly obese, and began to rapidly weaken and age. In a few years, it became clear that this leads to high blood pressure, diabetes, allergies, and other chronic ailments, and on top of all that, the road leads to taking toxic drugs, at the end of which there is a cruel, agonizing, early death.

In order to lose weight quickly, he started the ketogenic diet and started working out again. The result was rapid and spectacular. In just a few months, he got rid of more than 35 lbs of fat. However, the classic ketogenic diet, which only focuses on achieving ketosis, has long-term disadvantages. Not perfect. In his search for an impeccable diet, he quickly came across the Paleolithic method, which is almost the perfect solution. On this journey, he came across the results of a pioneering Hungarian medical group at the world level, which impressed him. He realized that he had finally found the holy grail of classical healing. The childhood dream has finally come within arm's reach: it is possible to heal!


It is possible to free determined people from diseases considered incurable by modern Western medicine, such as type I and II diabetes, high blood pressure, allergies, autoimmune diseases, Crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis, and malignant tumors discovered in time. All of these catastrophic situations, believed to be hopeless, can not only be cured without medical interventions but most importantly: they can certainly be prevented. This discovery prompted him to put on the gloves again, face the headwinds and return to the roots: to the dream of true healing.



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