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Disclaimer of Dr. Peter Vaczi for English-speaking patients

The heartbreaking truth is that standard medicine does not work for chronic diseases. Medicines often have serious side effects, while they do not have a meaningful therapeutic effect, but only modify the symptoms.
Alternative medicine is fraught with challenges almost all over the world. Standard, academic medicine is protected by law, unlike holistic medicine. This is why I must act as a bush warrior, and why you must take full responsibility for your fate and health if you decide to turn to me.

The patient-doctor relationship has been based on trust since time immemorial. I took the Hippocratic Oath, which is my only law to conduct myself as a doctor. My personal approach to medicine differs from almost all standard medical practices and protocols, so I have to contend with fierce headwinds from every corner of everyday life. In this situation, I decided to work as a freelance consultant.

If you want to be cured of any chronic disease, you can try. I can help you. My advice and suggestions are for informational purposes only, it should be taken into account. You can use my suggestions only at your own risk.


If you choose to resort to my services you definitely acknowledge to abandon any legal action in any case against me or Titanium Systems USA Inc. in the future.

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