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New approaches in cancer medicine

Updated: Nov 30, 2022

It is an indisputable fact that in the background of chronic, degenerative internal medicine diseases - such as cancer as well - are mostly nutritional anomalies. All other factors only modify the overwhelming power of dietary habits. According to today's, modern, general and completely wrong view, cancer is caused by the so-called carcinogenic factors and genetic damage and mutations.

The situation, on the other hand, is that the extremely toxic carbohydrates from an external source with a high deuterium content, which are also unnecessarily ingested and represent an extreme free radical load, are the primary root and sustainer of cancer derailment. 

The so-called carcinogenic agents only aggravate the situation, their elimination only slows down the primary process.

It is therefore impossible to cure cancer without stopping the basic process.

We could try any kind of medicine, mutilating surgery or physical method: the result can only be temporary. The appearance of relapse is only a matter of time. It is a tragic experience that the return of cancer, especially after chemotherapy and/or radiation therapy, is much more aggressive.

Neither radiation nor chemotherapy destroys 100% of tumor cells. 

Later, aggressive tumors and/or metastases mostly develop from these radio- and/or chemoresistant cell lines.

The characteristics of effective antitumor therapy are the following:

  • eliminating the metabolic derailment that generates aggressive cell proliferation (nutritional intervention)

  • a multi-pronged attack on the process

  • selective therapeutic approaches, which eliminate only tumor cell lines, while practically not harming healthy cells

  • elimination of carcinogenic factors

Nutrition intervention

This method is of fundamental importance in the treatment of chronic degenerative diseases.

It is easy to admit that the health of our body depends on the balance we are in with our environment. What materials do we pick up and drop off. 

If we give our body all the substances it needs to build and replace cells and at the same time rid it of all substances it no longer needs or are harmful, then we can expect a long, healthy, happy, balanced and rich life. This is a necessary but not sufficient condition for health.

Multi-pronged attack

Cleaning up the subconscious

The human being is not only a physico-chemical system, but a triple unity of body-spirit-soul, and as being such, it is possible to approach it successfully only in this complexity.

The healing process - but any project in a person's life - is mysteriously not influenced by willful activity to a decisive extent.

No matter how dedicated, diligent, purposeful, intelligent, persistent and prepared we are, our projects will fail one after the other if something deep down is not right. We don't know what it is, we don't know where it is, how big it is and what it does, we only guess that this something is inescapably and stubbornly controlling our lives. He drags us by the hair in the swamp of life or we can become sons of fortune because of him - regardless of our merits.

This brutal thing is: the subconscious.
The subconscious influences a person's destiny and not their consciousness. 

Recognizing this, our number one task is to eliminate harmful programs nesting in our unconscious and replace them with useful programs. There are basically two ways to achieve this goal: hypnosis and rehearsal.

The tempting thing about hypnosis is that it can produce quick, spectacular results. What is discouraging is that I need a professional hypnotist (where can I find one?) and I have to let this person into my most intimate private sphere.

There is a slower but safer method: strictly monotonous repetition. Positive statements repeated cyclically, in the present tense, in the first person singular, can work wonders over time. Béla Balogh's "The Ten Commandments of the Subconscious Mind" meditation is a true masterpiece in this regard (sadly available in Hungarian at the moment). It is a mandatory practice for my patients after going to bed, every night. In just a few months, you can achieve great success with it.


In recent years, some doctors - who were willing to break up with dogmatic oncological muffs - have achieved spectacular success in eradicating tumors. There is also one of them in Budapest who "cooks cancer to death" with an equipment worth roughly 300.000 dollars . The hyperthermia device transmits special radio waves between two electrodes on the body. The electro-conductivity of tumor cells is fundamentally different from that of healthy cells. We can use the selective opportunity resulting from this specific conductivity to attack tumors.

During the procedure, the core temperature of the malignant tissue exceeds 42 degrees Celsius (107.6 °F), while the temperature of healthy tissue structures barely rises. This situation is unbearable for the heat-sensitive tumor mass, it is forced into apoptosis, programmed cell death. 

The required number of one-hour treatments can range from a few sessions to dozens, depending on the condition of the patient and the nature and size of the tumor. It is important to note that hyperthermia does not stop the basic process either. Sorting out the metabolic derailment that causes cancer is the main priority. It is an interesting experience that hyperthermic treatment greatly improves e.g. joint complaints and symptoms of multiple sclerosis.


With the main active ingredient of the herb artemisia annua, it targets iron-rich cells. And cancer cells accumulate iron, which forms a toxic complex with artemisinin for cancer cells. Its tea, alcoholic extract and oil solution should be used simultaneously in the therapy. Its effect is enhanced by sodium butyrate.


The American Joe Tippens' case is one of the best-known stories regarding the anti-cancer effects of the anti-parasitic veterinary drug fenbendazole. Following the advice of a veterinarian, he recovered from his end-stage cancer with distant metastases in a few months.

There are many other complementary therapy approaches.

One of the most important of these is proper breathing. James Nestor's book BREATH is all about this. A must-have for anyone who wants to maintain or regain their health.

It is not possible to defeat cancer or to get rid of other chronic diseases without the support of a nutrition interventional physician with a holistic approach.

The task is so complex, despite its simple elements, its human practicability is so difficult that anyone whose house is burning over their head does not think for a single additional minute about applying for real, effective help.

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