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The other side of the moon

Updated: Oct 19, 2022

I have written and blogged countless times about the all-encompassing role of nutrition in maintaining health, preventing disease and recovering from chronic ailments, but the other side of the moon is rarely discussed.

About the invisible side that, as a dwarf minority, demands the right to have a say in the context of human health/disease.

In this dwarf minority, competitors such as stress and the subconscious. Among other things, the inevitable role of these two will be discussed at the core of this article.

Man is not just a physico-chemical system, a material quality that functions as an organism.

The misguided branch of medicine refuses to take this into account because there is no business in it. There is definitely not as much money in it as, for example, in the doctrine of chemical influence on the body.

Homo sapinens is more than that: a triple unity of body-spirit-soul and can only be adequately interpreted in this context.

Successful healing of a person is only possible through this holistic approach. This type of infallible approach is the central guiding principle of my nutritional intervention practice.

If a doctor tries to minimize the possibility of his mistake, he does best if he turns to the old nature for advice and intends to adjust according to the episodes of evolution (or if you like: phylogenesis). 

The material flow between the body and its environment in the physical sense, i.e. the determining role of the quality of nutrition and excretion, is indisputable and unavoidable, but we must never lose sight of the slumbering minority, including stress and the subconscious.

The Stress

I mean actually distress, destructive stress. In contrast, there is also a benign version of stress (eustress), such as hormesis, which ensures the adaptation, strengthening and thus survival of the organism. The best example of benign stress is sports.

"Beer is not a drink, a woman is not a person, the bear is not a toy," says the székely (Ethnic group in Transylvania). Well, destructive stress is not a game. Its effects plunge the body into a well-known deterioration.

This type of malignant stress blocks the functioning of the immune system in a quite frightening way.

Let's imagine that a person panting with a fever of 107.6 °F sees the lion. From this moment on, the immune system loses its function, as the person's life no longer depends on it. This is the so-called Cannon's emergency response or fight-or-flight response. All the capacity for the muscles!

Because if it is not possible to fight the enemy or escape, then the bacterial infection of the victim is already the predator's problem.

The immune system is an energy-guzzling machine, a definitive regular army that requires enormous resources to maintain, operate, and deploy. 

In this situation, it is logical to regroup the ammunition to the organs that are vital at the moment, i.e. the muscles and the central nervous system, which is overloaded in leaps and bounds. From where? From the main support points of the immune system, which was built around the viscera, i.e. the intestines.

The potential lion food sees the beast, this stimulus is sent to the frontal lobe of the brain via the visual cortex, from there the stimulus is sent to the hypothalamus, the main central nervous system relay station, which transmits the danger signal to the pituitary gland. This is the so-called master gland, which sends a signal to the adrenal gland, which immediately floods the bloodstream with large amounts of stress hormones. As a result of the sudden change in hormone balance and nerve impulses, the vascular network of the intestines contracts, which specifically puts the energy supply of the surrounding immune support points on standby.

The immune system is turned off by emergency mode.

Of course, the response is more diverse and nuanced than that, but the bottom line is the end result. The chronic form of malignant stress is the so-called stressful lifestyle practically sabotages the functioning of the immune system along the same mechanism.

One of its most well-known forms is fear. 

This is one of the main explanations for the old-new phenomenon of masses of people dying from everyday diseases previously considered banal. They paint the devil on the wall in front of their noses and, lo and behold, he appears... (preferably the janitor).

The basic condition for stress management, i.e. getting rid of stress, is the recognition that able to distinguish between two types of stress:

stressor factors outside one's own competence circle and stressor factors within one's own competence circle.

Without this ability, we are not even up to the task. Otherwise, the failure can be covered from the start.

Examples of stressors within the scope of competence are a toxic workplace atmosphere, a frustrating marriage, and a noisy environment.

We can exit these situations at any time based on our own decision.

The simplest example of a stressor outside of our competence is rain. We can't stop it, no matter how annoying it is. The key to the solution, therefore, lies in being able to separate the stressors into the appropriate two categories.

What we cannot change, we must be able to accept.

So if we come to terms with the unchangeable and step on the stepable, then we have managed to banish stress from our lives.

The subconscious

It can be scary to realize that our lives are not controlled by our conscious selves.

We can be however talented, prepared, capable, hardworking, purposeful, we can put ourselves into heroic work, but we will still fail.

How is all this possible?

The explanation is astonishing: our life is controlled by our unconscious.

Harmful subliminal programs can torpedo any of our projects and efforts. Without having any idea about it. We download our subconscious programs and social patterns in the first seven years of our lives. In this period, the child walks on the border of the alpha-beta state, the fairy tale and reality, the dream world and reality blur together. The cloth kid hears nothing else from his father, except that he will surely end up in prison one day. He is arrested at the age of 17. He implemented the entrance chain (spoon-feeded) program. Anyone who constantly hears from their parents that money is dirty and immoral and that the rich are selfish bastards, gets the recipe for poverty and misery. Our destructive subconscious programs drag us by the hair through life. We don't know what they are, where they are, how big they are and what they do. All we know is that we are never lucky. We experience this phenomenon, which seems like a blood-curdling injustice, as a stroke of fate, until we deserve to stumble upon this eye-opening information as a result of our constantly rising vibrational level:

cleaning out the subconscious and overwriting harmful programs is inevitable for achieving the desired success.

There are two basic possibilities for manipulating the subconscious. Hypnosis and repetition. With hypnosis, you can achieve quick, spectacular successes. The only problem is finding a competent hypnotist, and the problem is whether we want to let this person into our most intimate private sphere. Repetition is a foolproof alternative that works perfectly. Its only drawback is that it is often hopelessly slow.

We can chant positive statements in the first person singular in the present tense for months before the first results appear. Perseverance and faith are the basic conditions for victory here. Béla Balogh's book and meditation audio The Ten Commandments of the Subconscious Mind (HUN) are unique, brilliant, perfectly polished masterpieces. In my medical practice, I prescribe its continuous use to all my patients. It works like magic. It was created and divided into ten topics, and each of its words testifies to sophisticated, comprehensive wisdom, not a single sound is superfluous. At first hearing, it is a bizarre experience for many. It is worth suppressing the negative feelings that flood our guts as a result of certain statements. These uncomfortable thoughts show where we have the most work to do in the way of self-realization and in what relation we are forced to face ourselves, our weaknesses, our own fallibility, and our bitter frailty.

As soon as we are able - just for a few moments - to let go of our convulsions and think about what we would most like to get rid of, at that moment we have hit a hole in the shield and the erosion begins.

Decommissioning and overwriting of the malicious program has begun. After hundreds of repetition cycles, within a few months, incredible changes welcome us into our lives. Rehearsal may seem banal, childish antics in the eyes of many. However, those ripe for positive change recognize the dizzying opportunity.

So we have to recognize the obvious truth that, in addition to the practically overwhelming role of nutrition, there is also the inevitable, elusive, and often despairing influence of chronic stress and the subconscious.

Just as there is no chance of recovery and long-term health preservation without optimizing nutrition, there is no chance of success without proper stress management and keeping the subconscious in tidiness.

This is precisely why I developed my most proven complex rehabilitation program for my patients so that it targets all these critical factors in an integrated manner, which fundamentally determine our destiny.

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