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Fair Ranching

In the middle of a magical night, I went down to the kitchen, because I remembered the huge rapeseed fields, past which we glided ten kilometers before sunset on Saturday from Kehidakustány towards Sághegy.

I spooned the confit pork heart's cooling fat of the roast, which dribbled into my stomach, balming my throat and giving me a spurt of gas to finish this article quickly.

Rapeseed specifically causes intestinal permeability, and intestinal permeability has been measured for a long time and has been talked about for a long time, for example, in the background of autoimmune diseases, so it is incomprehensible why they have not figured out until now what do we owe leaky gut syndrome, i.e. the symptom complex of chronic civilization diseases. But not only rapeseed oil, but all vegetable oils cause abnormal intestinal permeability. And these rapeseed fields stretched out next to the road, where we had to stop to show the children the hunting fox. For minutes, we huddled next to her and watched as she - without bothering us at all - threw herself on his small prey, which she swallowed after two crunches. She must have been a lactating female judging by her large, saggy breasts.

The obvious answer is right there in front of us: our eating habits cause a leaky gut. In other words: our eating habits cause e.g. autoimmune derailments.

If we delve into the topic, we don't have to wait long to realize that practically all chronic civilized internal and psychiatric diseases are caused by the problem of abnormal intestinal permeability and the permeability of the blood-brain barrier. The cause-and-effect relationships between bowel damage and our eating habits can be clearly verified with exact laboratory measurements and the tendency to cure diseases.

If a chronic internal medicine patient - say, obese, hypertensive, pre-diabetic, Crohn's patient - does not consume certain foods and instead consumes certain, well-defined other foods in the right amount and proportion, then they will simply heal by themselves. You can throw away your medications. Your body regenerates. The root cause is eliminated and the body's wonderful self-healing ability prevails.

Many years ago, a world-famous group of Hungarian doctors found out what to eat and what not to eat in order for a diabetic, allergy patient, autoimmune patient, high blood pressure patient to heal within weeks - but often only days - and I could list thousands of documented cases.

How is it that this remedy has such a hard time making its way, instead of going viral?

From next to my bedside table, I whisper to the owners of agricultural lands to plan the transition to animal husbandry as soon as possible.

In the not-too-distant future, we will not need huge fields of wheat, fields of sunflowers and canola, fields of potatoes, orchards due to the changing awareness and demand, but pastures. Huge, rain-shrouded, abundant pastures, where cattle, buffaloes, sheep, mangalicas and, depending on the climate, other fat stocks live in the midst of a rich biodiversity. Forests that are home to wild animals.

When you realize the sobering fact that you are a ruthlessly carnivorous creature, this is how you are designed and at least millions of years of evolution have fine-tuned humans to process and utilize meat-fat-entrails food, then you have to look into the eyes of a calf.

For many of us, including me, this moment is an unavoidable, heartbreaking problem. When a person is faced with the fact that he is not a predator, but a hunter, it is a crucial moment. Up until now, man has thought of himself as a humane being who does not kill. Then realizes the unpleasant truth: either kills or dies, but at least gets sick.

The Amerindians solved this dilemma with infinite spiritual awareness when they gave respect to the gotten bison and thanked him for his sacrifice.

We should also handle animal husbandry with a similar strength and spiritual maturity applied to the modern age. Breeding animals, which are originally brought to life for the production of meat-fat-innards as the only possible source of healthy nutrients, should be kept and finally killed in such conditions that we can look in the mirror with a sense of well-being and confidence every day.

Today, animal husbandry and slaughterhouses are far from concerned with the happiness of animals, which makes their meat truly nutritious - causing the rightful anger of animal rights activists, vegetarians and all people of good sense. Meat loaded with stress hormones, drugs, chemicals, and pesticides has less nutritional value and carries many risk factors. What is the biological value of the meat of the cattle and buffalo grazing in the vast, windswept fields and clearings - who only receive the mandatory vaccinations and roam freely all year round - compared to the meat of cattle fattened up in overcrowded barns, medicated and fed to the death, then brutally slaughtered?

The fact is that it is suspiciously thanks to meat-eating that evolution matured us from herbivorous apes into humans.

As a result of consuming large amounts of high-quality protein and fat, the complexity and volume of the brain increased, which made talking, then tactical hunting and tool use possible. These two evolved us into humans over millions of years.

About twelve thousand years ago, something suddenly changed. After the retreat of the last great ice age, the seed of wild wheat preserved its ability to germinate from one year to the next, which is why agriculture and large-scale grain consumption developed.

At the same time, domestication and animal husbandry began, with the consequent drinking of milk. The chronic health problems started with the consumption of bread and dairy products.

The so-called diseases of civilization skyrocketed with the development of the modern food industry. The topic of civilizational diseases is a chewed bone and everyone has resigned themselves to the fact that, despite all our tricks, they are incurable. Of course, it is possible to better, patch and patch - this is what the entire pharmaceutical industry is based on - but not to cure.

Based on the research and medical experience of recent years, however, it became clear where the root cause of the entire group of internal medicine diseases can be grasped: leaky gut syndrome.

So, when you look into the eyes of a calf, you are clearly in trouble and looking for a solution. And only FAIR RANCHING can provide release, where slaughter animals can live their entire lives in joy and freedom until their sudden, unnoticed, painless transition to the eternal grasslands.

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