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Updated: Oct 21, 2022

Even a good priest learns to death. And the doctor...

At the age of five, I had a naive idea that if I became a doctor, I would be able to cure my grandmother. And later people, in general.

A decade and a half later, already at university, I began to suspect that this idea was too romantic, the reality was much more prosaic. Even later, as a practicing doctor in a public hospital, the disappointing picture was revealed to me in its full reality: we cannot heal. To show off, to be superior, to play the role of a demigod, to prescribe medicines, to work on an assembly line, to take care of a corpse tiredly, to flatter the head of the department, to apply protocols dispassionately..., etc., well, we frivol these excellently. And the patient slides further toward his own grave. (I don't need to say that there are functional branches of modern medicine, such as traumatology, surgery, diagnostics, and medical imaging, but this does not change the essence: internal medicine is dead.)

A few years ago - after many years of searching for alternative ways - I found the holy grail of medicine: nutrition intervention.

It was a euphoric perception to experience the changes myself and to see the amazing extent and speed of the patients' recovery from their chronic ailments, branded as incurable by standard medicine so that they could throw away their drugs that were believed to be indispensable.

So the patients started pouring in, and I could finally be proud to be a doctor.

Truly, but there were more and more cases where patients who fully followed the instructions did not recover completely or the improvement was only partial. In the meantime, I have seen that there are countless examples of cases whose subjects do everything to be sick (drink, smoke, are obese, don't do sports) and despite doing all of these, they slumber to eternal rest at the age of 90, while others who do everything to have a long, healthy life, as young adults they have to face terrible diseases. How can all this be? What is the common denominator, and what are the root-causes?

Information came one after another which led to the inescapable conclusion that it is not enough to fix a person on the physical level.

It is not enough just to restore and optimize your metabolism, make you get rid of your medications, and send you back to regular sports.

There must be many little-known background processes that fundamentally influence the fate of individuals - beyond the dimensions of the physical body.

I began to deal more and more with the trite topic: stress.

Doctors like to pull the issue of stress out of the hat, as its negative role is obvious, and it can be used as a wildcard or a scapegoat to explain failures. And of course, there is a lot of truth in it.

Chronic stress practically undermines the functioning of the immune system.

One of the most glaring examples of that fact is the result of the fear-based propaganda of recent years...

A holistic approach is not a question for a real doctor who really pursues his profession seriously.

Man as such, is a triple unity of body-spirit-soul, and it is only possible to heal effectively by keeping this fact in mind.

Stress management has an excellent methodology, I have incorporated it into my own healing protocol and teach this simple but great method to my patients.

Yes, but that didn't always prove to be enough either. There is still something here that no one deals with, even though it is decisive. And this is nothing but the subconscious.

While wrestling with my own terrible illness, I drew in information from several directions in a parallel way, the understanding of which made clear to me the inescapable fact: the subconscious has the last word. The subconscious, that stores every bit of information about us and what has happened to us from the moment of our conception, and even more than that: it carries the subconscious programs and cell memories of our ancestors going back several generations. I stood there, faced the overwhelming realization: our subconscious programs control our lives, and there is nothing we can do.

Conscious thinking, conscious actions, effort, struggle, and diligence are worth nothing. All of these are useless compared to the overwhelming role of the subconscious.

In the meantime, I even realized that after all, where the subconscious actually "lives", where exactly is the hardware itself, and what is the entity in which this unfathomable amount of information is physically stored. I will explain all this in detail in my future book.

By now, it seems that the framework of nutrition intervention protocols is being completely expanded by new knowledge and clinical experiences. 

As much, as that the method I use to heal can no longer be called a nutritional intervention. Recently, I prefer to call the system that I developed and am constantly developing as complex, integrative rehabilitation.

At my last upskill - enneagram training - the participants present asked me to explain my financial system, which I was able to use to break out of the daily misery that characterized the "seven tight years" of my life lasting fourteen years. The interesting thing about this system is that it is amazingly simple (like everything that is great), it always works for everyone, and breaking it will lead to new financial problems, even impoverishment again...

Ultimately, what do people want?

A long, healthy, happy, balanced, rich life. Exactly in this order of importance.

Money is energy, like everything around us.

A universal energy source which most of our practical goals can be achieved with. Now think about the things in life that cannot be solved with money! You won't find many…

So I decided to include in my rehabilitation protocol - as a special faculty - the teaching of my well-proven financial system, which ensures continued growth and prosperity and will surely protect you from ruin. Anyone who knows and is willing to follow the rules consistently and strictly can use this financial method. I repeat: it lifts anyone out of poverty and anyone can achieve complete financial security and independence with it.

This will be the bonus track for my patients who are willing to invest in their own healing and growth.

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