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Who can you believe?

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

This is a doctor, that is also a doctor. This refers to scientific research, that also refers to scientific research. Both doctors claim something, but one is exactly the opposite of what the other says.

What should you do now?

You, who is not a doctor, what can you do if you run into this? You have to decide who you trust. This is the challenge and your fate depends on it. Yes, but on what basis do you, the layman, decide which doctor to trust?


I will give you a few pointers, the observance of which reduced the chance of making a mistake to almost zero.

First, find a doctor who claims to be able to cure you.

This is the most important. Since there are hardly any incurable diseases (e.g. genetic disorders), the doctor who claims that a disease is incurable is pulling the wet sheet over himself. All he can say is that he personally doesn't know a workable way to fix your condition.

Never trust a doctor who does not reveal a detailed (family) medical history.

Someone who only asks a question or two in a pokey way and immediately prescribes medicine - you'd do better to politely walk away from him. A good anamnesis is half a diagnosis - this is already taught to third-year medical students in internal medicine practice. With a detailed and accurate investigation of your lifestyle, a thorough doctor will quickly get to the root of the problem. In most cases, this problem should not be masked with medication but should be grasped at its roots and uprooted from the patient's own life. A doctor who wants to solve your problem without knowing your lifestyle and eating habits, does not point out the cause-and-effect relationships between your lifestyle and your condition, and does not recommend targeted changes in your lifestyle and eating habits does not deserve to trust him. Those who get you off by prescribing a few pills and telling you to go back to them if these don't work, then don't even go back, but rather throw away their prescriptions and find a serious doctor.

Don't fall for authority!

Countless, front-and-back Ph.D. professors are puffing on their high horse, while also getting fared ill when it comes to healing. It's not the ranks that count, but the knowledge and the attitude. Young, enthusiastic, conscientious doctors are usually worth more than burned-out, negligently, money-hungry, authoritarian chief doctors.

Don't think for a minute that you are past help!

If, God forbid, a malignant tumor was discovered in your body (in time), do not despair! You can be saved! If you want good for yourself, then beware of chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Both are ugly dead ends of modern medicine, which do more harm than good. It takes away from your body the possibility of fighting, it deprives your immune system of its ability to strike. It's such a barbaric method as if you wanted to remove those ten terrorists from a crowd of tens of thousands hanging around the main square by shooting into the crowd.

The time and experience spent in healing are perhaps the most important, but not everything. If this experience is that the particular doctor is unable to lead you out of the maze of your chronic ailments, opens his arms and wants you to swallow the "fact" that you will need medication for the rest of your life, then you should know that you are looking for the solution in the wrong place.

A doctor who is on the ball never fails to analyze your diet.

Most of the time this is the tricky part. You are what you eat. A top-class cliché, but relentlessly true. If you eat garbage, your body and then your soul will turn into a junk shitbox. If you choose essential nutrition and provide all real food - which ensures your smooth working physiological functions - and limit yourself to only these, you will be cured within weeks without any dangerous drugs. That's why a competent doctor is one of the first to clarify what you eat and what you don't, so that he has the knowledge of what you should and shouldn't eat in what proportion and quantity. Any kind of food consumed above the necessary nutrition is only a risk factor and tempts you to the slippery path of gastronomy.

If you want to get well, you have to get rid of your killer habits before you reach for medicine!

From the doctor who fills you with drugs while you smoke, are overweight, drink like a fish, overwork yourself to death, eat junk and top of that too irregularly, consume refined sugars, don't do sports, and instead of pure water you pop all kinds of drinks into yourself for rehydration or for fun -, don't expect much good from that. Medicines only preserve your way of life with temporary relief, which leads to the endless worsening of your problems, new medicines, increased doses and harsher side effects, and the final destination is the cemetery. Of course, everyone has that final destination, but it doesn't matter when and what kind of life they lived before. Those who can and want to cure you do not start with medicines, but only prescribe medicine when all other solutions have failed - but this happens very rarely.

Your body is a perfect system, refined over millions of years of evolution. No one can override the wisdom of nature. Humankind, especially with medicine, is nowhere near there. In the best case, the doctor only helps the natural healing process, and in the worse and general case, he hinders or even prevents it.

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